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Åtvarar mot høg champagnefaktor

ChampagneMed rapportar om lakseprisar i påskeveka på rundt 40 kroner kiloet, kan tankane fort la seg føre til søte dagar. Men den britiske laksebloggen reLAKsation åtvarar mot at rusen er kortsiktig.

I si påskeutgåve seier dei:

“The reality is that whilst producers take advantage of high prices to reap the benefits of super-profitability, it is just a short-term gain. High prices will undoubtedly supress demand and cause prices to fall again. This repeated rise and fall will damage the market and does little to help the industry. It is in everyone’s interests to aim for consistency and growth but it seems that producers have become too detached from the market to recognise how the market is changing and that loyalty to salmon is no longer guaranteed.”

Les meir på  http://www.callandermcdowell.co.uk/relaks.html

Tekst: Øyvind Kråkås